2GIG Home Security

Next generation home and small business management systems complete with 3G, WiFi, DVR capability and a feature-rich video solution. 2GIG is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance™, which enables 2GIG to provide customers with one of the most innovative and interactive home security platforms on the market.

About 2GIG

When it comes to home security and control systems, 2GIG is one of the most highly regarded businesses in the industry.   They know that consumers want more from the home security system including the ability to integrate their security into their home automation so that they can remotely monitor their home’s security for maximum peace of mind.  Further, through integrated home automation and security, homeowners can monitor and control things like lighting, heating, air conditioning use, and energy consumption.

Home automation and security systems are more affordable than ever with 2GIG security and control systems including the GC2 & GC3 panels.  2GIG constantly researches new technology and provide over-the-air (OTA) updates to ensure you have the most current technology.  2GIG offers clients a full suite of products including both wireless and traditional keypads and control panels as well as LCD keypads.  Additionally, they have a wide array of accessories and things like smart door locks, smart garage door controllers, smart sirens, smart in-wall switches, smart in-wall outlets, smart thermostats and more to make fully integrated home automation easy and efficient.


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