iPro-Extreme Surveillance

The Panasonic iPro-Extreme system is scalable and optimal in many applications for the ultimate peace-of-mind in security and surveillance.

About Panasonic iPro-Extreme

Cutting-Edge Commercial Surveillance

Cutting-edge commercial surveillance and security protection is not a luxury, it is a necessity that provides peace of mind, deters crime, and supplies exceptional quality video recordings for your records or as evidence. At Next Level, we are proud to provide our clients with some of the most advanced commercial surveillance protection with Panasonic iPro-Extreme.

Panasonic’s iPro-Extreme is a unique blend of video and sensor technology with exceptional capabilities including high anti-environment stability, self recognition/analysis capabilities, faster and more accurate incident detection, extreme compression of data for easier storage of data records, enhanced data security, comprehensive analytics, high-reliability, and much more. The Panasonic iPro-Extreme system is scalable and optimal for commercial applications for the ultimate peace-of-mind in security and surveillance.

Extreme Visibility

144dB EXTREME Super Dynamic, coupled with outstanding face detection capabilities, 144dB EXTREME Super Dynamic automatically enables clear identification of someone’s face, even in very dynamic scenes or heavily backlit conditions.

Intelligent Auto Mode (iA)

In this mode, advanced image stabilization helps to steady the camera and prevent things such as blurry images. While in this mode, the camera also automatically adjusts gain and shutter speed to adapt to the brightness and object movement in a scene.

Color Night Vision

Night vision can be clear, enhanced, and even in color! The iPro-Extreme’s color night vision technology transforms a standard 1/3 inch sensor camera into a low-light capable camera. Because it is an effective low-light camera, it can produce a very high-quality color image.

Extreme Compression

EH.265 Compression + Smart Coding Technology
Combining H.265 Compression with Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces bandwidth by maximum 75% of conventional H.264 Compression. The size of data is constantly increasing as technology improves. Storing data of this size is no simple task. Fortunately, this security system maintains the quality of moving images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

Extreme Data Security

Data security is a top priority for most businesses and individuals, and for good reason - data security threats are constant and could have catastrophic consequences. Cyber threats are everywhere and sophisticated. For this reason, Panasonic has expanded it’s deployment of Secure Communication Technology across its new line of i-PRO Extreme H.265 cameras, recorders and video management software.

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