Randy and Sarah Trask

August 24, 2021


I wanted to let you know that your guys were hands-down impressive.

I can’t imagine there is a more knowledgeable and capable installer than Carl to be found.  Watching him work was a real pleasure.  He tracked down every sensor and then separated each from a single zone to their own zone so if we have an alarm, it will be more clear exactly what sensor caused it.  When he left, we had complete confidence in his work and I can’t imagine a better ambassador for your company!

Israel and Carl worked quite well together and once Carl left, Israel walked us through all of the Alarm.com options and trained us how to use the system.  Again, both my wife and I felt very comfortable we would be able to use the system (our first experience with an alarm system by the way) with confidence.

Israel is also going to now add three alarm.com cameras for us and we will begin to consider some smart home options as well.  I thought he was an operations guy–I didn’t know he was a salesman in disguise!

I am so happy I chose A-Tech.  Your guys completely impressed us!

Off to the start of a long relationship Rich!