Avigilon Surveillance

Avigilon’s video management systems integrate your cameras, access and analytics through an easy-to-use platform for smarter and more efficient management of your sites.

About Avigilon

Flexible, AI-powered software

Introducing our advanced solution for complete situational awareness: Our AI-powered on-premise physical security platform combines video security, access control, and flexible cloud management into one centralized and scalable solution. Gain real-time visibility and insights with our cloud-native video management system, accessible from anywhere. Driven by intuitive AI, our software learns and alerts you when action is required, ensuring you never miss a critical event. Experience the future of security with our innovative platform, empowering you with comprehensive control and timely information.

Driven by Intelligent AI

Driven by Intelligent AI

Our intuitive and user-friendly software is driven by powerful AI algorithms that learn and understand the unique aspects of your security environment. By analyzing data and detecting patterns, our system identifies what truly matters to your security. When action is required, you’ll receive timely alerts, ensuring that you never miss a critical event or potential threat.

With our AI-powered solution, you can gain a deeper understanding of your security landscape, optimize your resources, and respond promptly to any security concerns. Experience the future of physical security with our innovative platform that brings together cutting-edge technology and ease of use, empowering you with complete situational awareness.

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