Rapid Wave Technology

What is Rapidwave?

rapidwave-logoSecured wireless monitoring beamed directly to the A-Tech command center in 2 seconds or less.

Monitored security systems using only digital communicators become local alarm system if the phone lines get cut or are down. Likewise, if your system is monitored via the internet and the connection to the internet is down, your system can no longer communicate to the central station.

A-Tech’s Quiq-Linq solves those problems. Using a set of frequencies the FCC has dedicated to A-Tech, we can communicate signals over medium band radio waves.

Many companies offer cellular service, and everyone that uses a cell phone knows how reliable it is. This is different. This is true two-way radio that can be U.L. Grade AA (best of the best) on our own network.

A-Tech’s Quiq-Link employees an AES Intellinet. Each radio that is installed becomes a tranceiver. Not only does it communicate to the central station, but it allows other radios to communicate to the central station through it. The more Quiq-Linq radios that are installed, the more paths your account has to reach the central station. If one radio becomes inoperable, each radio then finds a new path to the receiver. If a new unit is installed that creates a shorter path to the central station, all existing radios will learn the new, more efficient path to the central station.